The Five Insider Secrets Our Clients Use To Stop Struggling, Take Control

Of Their Custom Home Build, And Move Into Their Dream Home

(Even if they feel like their marriage, family, finances, and careers are at risk)
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In This Masterclass You’ll Learn how our clients stop acting like a “deer caught in the headlights”, and get past the overwhelming sense of self doubt, confusion, and uncertainty so they can take control of their custom home build and move into their dream home... while finishing on time and on budget!
The specific steps our clients follow to create a shared vision with their spouse, and why that almost guarantees that what they envision in their mind is what they will build and move into.
How our clients recruit a Dream Team of professionals without blowing their budget on professional fees and then keep their team inspired, motivated and productive through the course of the project.
A step by step game plan that allows our clients to control the budget, compress the timeline and get into their new home as quickly as possible, even if they know nothing about designing, building or renovating a home.
How open issues lead to the Dream Build Death Spiral, and once it starts, it’s almost impossible to get back on track: And the one secret strategy that keeps our clients on track to the very end!
How our client’s gracefully transition from Bucket List to Built, with their marriage, finances, family and careers intact, and the simple steps we teach to get them there.
Kim Bauer - Founder
Dream Build Academy and Bauer Design Group Interior Design

Kim Bauer

Kim Bauer is the Founder of Dream Build Academy. She is known as The Dream Home Advisor because for the last three decades she has been developing, designing and building award winning luxury home projects in Boston, Chicago and Southern California. She has worked with institutional investors, successful entrepreneurs, billionaires, professional athletes, and many wonderful homeowners along her journey.